What is the Certification process?

So how are we actually certifying these Online Business Managers?

I have to be quite honest, alot of the certification processes out there annoy me… i’m not a big fan of the ‘take a test and you are certified’ approach. Does that really set someone up for success? Not to mention giving us all flashbacks to the ‘all night cramming to prepare for a test’ college days (shiver).

In designing our Certification process one thing we asked ourselves is “what is most important when it comes to being certified?” There are two sides to consider of course:

  • If I put myself in the shoes of the business owner who wants to hire an Online Business Manager, what they really want to know is “can this person do the job?”
  • If I put myself in the shoes of the Online Business Manager what is important to them is to feel confident that “Yes, I can do the job!” 

A good certification process addresses both of those.

And so we are taking the approach of giving the OBMs the opportunity to tackle real client situations – giving them a) the chance to demonstrate that yes they can do the job and b) the confidence that they can handle these projects.

During our Certification Week we enlist the help of real business owners who graciously ‘donate’ a project to the cause. These are actual projects that these business owners need help with *now*, and we are giving them the opportunity to get some OBM level help via this process. A win-win all around, the biz owners get some help and the OBMs get the experience.

What are these projects you ask? Nice try… we aren’t going to tell you! That would be taking away the surprise for those in the Certification process, hehe. ;)

Our Certification Committee reviews all projects based on our grading criteria of the 9 Key OBM Competencies and determines whether a person has passed the Certification process (or not.) Once a person has passed Certification they are officially a Certified Online Business Manager.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Online Business Manager check out the details here.

If you are interested in donating a project to our next Certification week just send us as an email.

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