Our Certified OBMs

Here is a list of the people who have completed the OBM Certification process and achieved the status of Certified Online Business Managerâ„¢. Note, only those who have successfully completed the Certification process are listed on this page. If someone is not on this page, it means that they haven’t been Certified by the International Association of Online Business Managers. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at support@obmconnect.com. To learn more about any of our Certified OBMs visit the OBM Directory.

Certified since:
Alice Sanders January 2013
Alison Poyner November 2011
Amanda Speer October 2015
Amy Derr November 2011
Andrea Cinnamond December 2010
Angela Ruggiero July 2014
Ashley Altman October 2016
Bethann Gilson October 2016
Bev Asllanaj April 2015
Brenda Dunagan January 2013
Carole Ahmed January 2015
Catharine King January 2014
Charla Mahon April 2013
Christine Dailey May 2010
Christine Morris November 2011
Colleen Fiser January 2015
Darbie Bufford April 2014
Dawn Sinkule October 2015
Deborah Davis April 2013
Denise Haney March 2010
Denise Milligan August 2009
Dori Tattrie June 2011
Elaine Brennan April 2015
Emily Hansen April 2014
Ericka Pardun June 2011
Erin Wentworth April 2013
Esther Hoenderdos-Elsinger October 2014
Evelin Turner November 2012
Flora Perkins May 2012
Jane Philipps April 2015
Janelle Bledsoe August 2013
Janet Smith August 2009
Jennifer Hazlett April 2015
Jennifer Sebastian January 2015
Jessica Walker October 2015
JoAnn Toporski April 2014
Josie Martinez April 2015
Justine Pattantyus April 2014
Karen Croll January 2015
Karen Kamenwa January 2014
Karen Ritchie December 2010
Kate Gerry June 2011
Keldie Jamieson June 2011
Kimberly McCloskey October 2014
Lara Nieberding June 2011
Lara Endorf April 2016
LeAnn Erimli June 2011
Lisa Kelly January 2015
Lisa MacDonald April 2016
Lisabeth Watson December 2010
Lynn Pearce March 2010
Maaike Van T Hoen January 2016
Maegan Elliott April 2014
Maite Dizon January 2016
Marit Fox April 2014
Marta DeGraw April 2014
Martha Gerber April 2016
MaryJo Mccann April 2014
Megan Antlfinger May 2012
Meghan Gehan January 2015
Melissa Gaines April 2015
Michael Stetina November 2012
Mimi Klosterman April 2015
Monique Halfhide July 2016
Nichole Graham June 2011
Pam Blackman July 2014
Pamela Paradee July 2014
Paula Adkins-Boyland January 2016
Petra Fehring May 2012
Regina Osirus July 2015
Ruthie Stuhlman January 2016
Sara Lingenfelter April 2013
Sarah Neumann May 2012
Sarah Noked April 2015
Shanna Hoppie May 2012
Sharon Broughton December 2010
Sharon Foster April 2015
Sherri Coffelt April 2015
Simone Christoph January 2015
Sophie Zollmann January 2016
Susan Backman January 2014
Suzanne Offner May 2012
Tabitha Cobble April 2015
Teresa Campos April 2015
Tessa Ashford July 2014
Tiffani Bassett October 2014
Whitney Christina November 2011
Wendy Lynn Stetina August 2013
William Newton January 2013

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