OBM Tip of the Week – Why It’s Great to Be an OBM – Work with Select Few Clients

by Tina on February 23, 2012

Working as an OBM allows you to work more closely with fewer clients (generally two or three), compared to the traditional VA model of having lots of clients with varying needs and time commitments.

I love to use this analogy when it comes to client load: imagine that you are literally carrying around each client on your back. It doesn’t matter if you do one hour a month for them or 40 hours a month, they each weigh the same amount. This can get pretty heavy if you have a lot of clients!! And darn tiring, as well…

Energetically there is a truth to this scenario. You are “carrying around” each client that you are engaged with. This is a huge cause of the bursting point that we talked about earlier, as an hourly based model (which we are getting away from yes?) requires that we fill those hours with work in order to make a living. And for most online support professionals this means having a lot of clients, quite often 10 or more, each of whom has different needs and deadlines.

I’m sure you’ve had those days when it seems like every client you have pops up demanding your services –very stressful! It can literally be a brain scrambler trying to keep track of what needs to be done for each client, not to mention how you will find the time to do all that work.

When playing a bigger role with your client in an OBM capacity, you have less people to “carry around” on your back. You have two or three clients at the most who may pop up all at once asking for help, instead of eight or ten. It’s easier to focus your energy on each person, instead of feeling scattered and drained trying to keep track of it all.

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