Chriztina Castro

by Tina on September 22, 2016

Name: Chriztina Castro
Company: Manage All The Pieces
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Time Zone: PST

I’ve been working online since…: August of this year.

My Experience, I am a…: Aspiring OBM – just getting started

My Client Intake status is: Open – I am looking to work with new clients

Why I love working as an OBM: I’ve worked alongside many business owners, and noticed they can’t do it all on their own. That’s why I started Manage All The Pieces. I want to help business owners manage their online business. I chose to be an OBM because it was a perfect fit for me. I believed that all of my work experience and education led up to becoming an OBM. I had to pursue it, and here I am.

My Strengths and Areas of Specialty: I am great at operations, project, and team management. My strength is observing and analyzing information. I tend to think things through before speaking or acting on it because it gives me time to process information and formulate new strategies for efficiency, structure, and growth. Because of that I can make unexpected connections and offer realistic solutions.

My favorite kind of client to work with is…: I would like to work with a client who is passionate about their business. I want you to be involved in your business so that you know exactly what’s going on. Be thorough, observant, diligent, realistic, proactive, to the point, engaged, and trusting. Be open to suggestions and be willing to have discussions about business strategies. Be lively and believe that your business will succeed.

My Business Goals for this year are…:  I would like to establish my business, and help others reach their goals in their own business.

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