Bethann Gilson

by Tina on September 28, 2016

Name: Bethann Gilson
Company: Savvy OBM Services
Phone: 412.424.4050
Location : Pittsburgh, PA USA
Time Zone: Eastern

I’ve been working online since…: I have been working online for over 18 years. I spent those years working in the corporate world working for one of the top 3 software companies in the world. As a finance / operations manager, I was a trusted business partner to senior management providing analysis of a $67M annual budget for my division and fine tuning procedures to meet annual goals. I have experience supporting those in both Consulting and Sales. My clients were spread out all over the world crossing many time zones. As much as I loved my job and as much as my clients loved me, I needed a total overhaul when it came to work-life balance. The 60-70 hour weeks were taking a toll on me and on my family. Over the past year, I have found my calling in becoming a certified Online Business Manager. Basically doing what I had been doing in the corporate world I could now do for entrepreneurs. This has been a great match for me and has been a natural progr ession.

My Experience, I am a…: Certified OBM 

My Client Intake status is: Open – I am looking to work with new clients

Why I love working as an OBM: As an OBM, I get to do what I love! As their partner, I bring 15+ years of knowledge and experience to support business owners as they are reaching the most exciting time in their business. I get a chance to see the big picture and provide support to make it happen! Managing the back office as a trusted business partner allows me to play an integral part in the business, freeing up the owner to do what they do best – grow their business!

My Strengths and Areas of Specialty: I am in my zone when I am the force behind the scene. Everything that the business owner dreads and views as a time drain – newsletters, social media, launches and maintaining processes – are the activities that drive me. I love to be the business owner’s partner as we take their business to new heights. I am committed to making their success my focus! I love working with teams to help them see what is possible.

My favorite kind of client to work with is…:  I enjoy working with smart, successful women entrepreneurs who are organized and have a clear business plan with defined goals. They have been in business anywhere from 3 to 5 years generating revenue of at least six-figures annually. Their business is growing. They recognize that for their business to move to the next level, they need a business partner who views the success their company with dedication and excitement as they do.

My Business Goals for this year are…:  My business goals for this year find 2 additional ideal clients matches and continue my online learning in many areas that will be asset to my clients – Social Media Strategies, Best Practices for Launches and how to best create passive revenue for clients.

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